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Karen GillanName: Karen Sheila Gillan

Date/Place of Birth: November 28th, 1987, Inverness, Scotland.

Brief Bio: “I am legitimately Scottish. I can officially say – yes. Yeah, I am from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.”

Karen was born on November 28th, 1987, the only child of Marie and John Gillan. From a young age, she developed a keen interest in acting, taking part in youth theatre groups and several productions at her school, Charleston Academy.

“I wasn’t horrifically bullied. There was some name-calling but nothing awful. All kids get teased about something. And this was quite an obvious feature. When you’re really tall and ginger and white at school, you’re going to get it.”

By 16, she took to studying under the distinguished theatre director Schott Johnston at Scotland’s Performing Arts Studio, and later went to study at the Italia Conti academy in London. In 2006, she debuted as Teri Cotter in the UK crime drama Rebus.

While she is best known for her role as Amy Pond in the very popular (especially with her mother, Marie) ongoing TV series Doctor Who, Karen has had roles in other well-known films. She played the cyborg assassin Nebula in the 2014 sci-fi action adventure film Guardians of the Galaxy, and took the role of the vengeful Kaylie Russel in the cerebral and spooky Oculus in 2013, demonstrating the versatility of her acting abilities with some good old-fashioned haunted house horror.

“I love horror films so much. I like being scared. I want to be in good films, obviously, rather than cheesy ones. And some horror films can be quite cheesy. I love watching them but I don’t necessarily want to be in them.”

Off the set, Karen enjoys playing the piano and rifling through vintage clothes shops. Her energetic, affable personality makes her a real treat to watch in interviews, and her subtle Scottish accent only adds to that charm. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Doctor Who, Karen’s enough reason to give the series a shot.


Roles –

Outcast (2010) – Ally

We’ll Take Manhattan (2012) – Jean Shrimpton

Not Another Happy Ending (2013) – Jane Lockhart

Selfie (2014) – Eliza Dooley

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