Sasha Grey Actress Bio

Sasha GreyName: Sasha Grey, born Marina Ann Hantzis

Date/Place of Birth: March 14th, 1988; Sacramento, California, USA

Brief Bio: Sasha Grey was born in North Highlands, California, on March 14th, 1988 as Marina Ann Hantzis to a working class family, and is of English, Greek, Irish, and Polish descent. Her father, a mechanic, and her mother, who worked for the state of California, divorced when she was five, resulting in her being raised by her mother. She bounced between four high schools, content with none of them, though she did end up graduating early at age seventeen. Grey attended Sacramento City College in late 2005, taking classes in acting, dance, and a film while waiting tables at a steakhouse. She saved money through to March 2006, accruing $7,000 in order to move to Los Angeles.

Grey moved to Los Angeles in May of 2006 and made her first appearances in adult films right after turning 18. She considered taking the name Anna Karina, after the French New Wave actress, but decided on her present name. “Sasha” comes from Sascha Konietzko, the front man from the industrial band KMDFM, and “Grey” comes from The Picture of Dorian Grey, a novel by Oscar Wilde.

After an extensive career in hardcore pornography, Grey officially announced her retirement on April 8th, 2011, though she had unofficially left the industry earlier. She remains an advocate of the adult industry, speaking in its defense in interviews and television programs like The Tyra Banks Show.

Nowadays, Grey has been appearing in mainstream films, as well as dabbling in modeling and music. In 2008, she started up an industrial music collaboration called aTelecine with Pablo St. Francis. She provided the vocals for several albums, and performed as a DJ in both the US and Canada before leaving the group in 2013.


The Girlfriend Experience (2009) – Chelsea/Christine Brown

Would You Rather (2012) – Amy

Open Windows (2014) – Jill Goddard

The Scribbler (2014) – Bunny

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