Movie Review: Paranormal Entity

The Blair Witch Project created a monster. Don’t get me wrong. The low budget horror film that started the shaky hand-held footage craze is one of my favorite horror movies. I may have seen “Blair Witch II,” but if so I don’t remember it. The copies of something that was good are never as good as the real thing.

The movie “Paranormal Activity” came out last year (2009). It was basically a lower budget “”Blair Witch,” but in a house. I rented it for Halloween because someone where I work was “freaked out” by the commercial. It sucked.

“Paranormal Entity” doesn’t even pretend to be a movie. It’s just a scam aimed at those stupid enough to want to buy “Paranormal Activity.” A certain percentage of those people will buy this movie by mistake. Who cares? Not me.

“Paranormal Entity” is one of those movies that is so bad, from the first line of dialog you know the only way you will enjoy it will be to make fun of it. So we did. It was still a waste of and hour 20 minutes.

What is so bad about the movie? Everything. The set is obviously an unoccupied house with cheap crap thrown in to make it look like a set. It was so ugly that it was probably the most disturbing thing in the movie. The dialog is annoyingly slow and repetetive, as if the actors were making it up as they were going along, and weren’t graced with the quickest wits. I doubt the producer, director or actors cared. They all new they were just part of a scam and were trying to get it over with ASAP. And that’s all of a review this movie deserves.