Shrooms Takes You on a Bad Trip


Crawling out of the B-horror movie depths of contemporary hooligan shenanigans comes Shrooms, the tale of a group of friends who go to Europe to blow their minds on magic mushrooms. Only, one of them has a bad trip, and freaky things start happening. People wind up missing. Some die. And in the end, you’ll understand the entire movie after you witness the plot twist. … Shit, that was basically the entire synopsis. Good game, guys. A 10/10 review for a 4/10 movie. See you all next time.
ShroomsBeing serious for a brief moment, I almost enjoyed the flick because of the main character and the European friend. They’re the only two that aren’t absolutely obnoxious and utterly at odds with one another, and they’re also the only characters that are more than expendables. Tara, the blondie, eats a super-dangerous mushroom that Jake, the shroom expert, says will give you superhuman strength and foresight if you survive its initial effects. After she has a seizure and is put to bed, Jake tells a spooky story about a religious coven that holed up in the very woods they are to trip in.

And then all the horrors he described in his stories begin to happen in real life! Tara, oddly enough, claims to have foreseen each and every one of them. After the first death or two, everybody splits up and runs around the forest until there’s only one left. They run around the ramshackle home of the indigenous drooling duo, they barrel through the fort of the coven, and they have a small trek through the shallows of the lake.

ShroomsThere aren’t too many jump scares to worry about, as Shrooms instead favors an ominous, eerie mood created by Jake’s campfire story and the resulting disturbing hallucinations. I can’t guarantee constant, edge of seat tension, but I can guarantee an okay-why-not watch if you’ve been looking for a good horror movie for a few hours but can’t lower your standards enough to watch the truly bad ones.

Duncan Bowles of DenOfGeek provided me with a tidbit of information that was rather disappointing. Apparently Shrooms was supposed to be nouveau and not a rudimentary slasher. They really should have done more than rely on the hallucination aspect to set them apart, because once the twist is behind you, you’ll realize that it was just a big boring old slasher with mushrooms. That actually turns my 4/10 to a 3/10. Here’s the other bigger review that can better detail why Shrooms is uninspired: